Resume Clearinghouse

The Philadelphia Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is now offering a local resume clearinghouse service. Here is how the service works: The roundtable will maintain an electronic file of active resumes and will make them available to employers or executive search firms upon request. In order to retain current resumes in the clearinghouse file, resumes will be kept on file for a period of one business quarter (or three months). At the end of each quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31), all resumes will automatically be retired and discarded. To keep your resume in the active file for the next business quarter, all applicants must contact the Clearinghouse Coordinator (by e-mail at: cscmpphilly (@) ) the last week of each quarter; otherwise, the resume is discarded.

Resume Clearinghouse Goes Electronic

  • Those seeking positions in Supply Chain/Logistics should forward an electronic file of their resume to cscmpphilly (@)
  • Please note: Resumes will only be accepted in electronic format.

Employers or search firms seeking to fill positions can contact the Clearinghouse Coordinator at cscmpphilly (@) When contacted by a potential employer or executive recruiter, the roundtable will forward an electronic file containing one copy of each resume on file and suggest that the employer/recruiter contact applicants directly for additional information. The resume clearinghouse consists of receiving and sending out resumes only! In no case will the roundtable put an employer or search firm in touch with a member if that member has not volunteered a resume and/or indicated that he/she wants to make a change in his/her employment status.